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ASM Flat Tips & Tip Guards

ASM Flat Tip GuardSpecially-Designed Tips for Fine Finishing

Airless spraying of fine finish materials requires greater break-up than non-fine-finish materials. With our double orifice fine finish system, you can select a pre-orifice and a spray orifice to make a customized fine finish tip. It is recommended that you select a spray orifice two thousandths larger than the pre-orifice. For help selecting the right tip see our Flat Tip Selection Guide

ASM Flat Tip Standard

Standard Flat Tips

  • Available in all Super-Zip sizes
  • Universal design fits all makes of Flat Tip Bases


ASM Flat Tip Gasket System

Flat Tip-n-Gasket System

  • Gasket permanently attached to flat tip
  • Color coding ensures accurate tip selection
  • Universal design fits all makes of Flat Tip Bases


ASM Flat Tip Base and Guard

Flat Tip Base/Guard

  • Accommodates Flat Tip-n-Gasket (93-xxx) and Standard Flat Tips (90-xxx)
  • Universal design fits all makes of guns

420-F: Fits "F" thread size - 11/16 in (17 mm)
420-G: Fits "G" thread size - 7/8 in (22 mm)
401-8: Separate tip gasket, tube of eight