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How to Choose The Right Spray Tip

spray tipsChoosing the right spray tip for your application

ASM's color-coded tips and corresponding tip selection guide make it simple to select the right tip for your painting application. For help choosing the right tip, download the applications guide for your type of spray tip:

ASM Spray Tip Applications Guide

Uni-Tip Selection Guide

Super-Zip Selection Guide

Fine Finish Tip Selection Guide

Flat Tip Selection Guide

After downloading the guide:

  1. Identify the surface you will be spraying.
  2. Choose your coating.
  3. Determine your spray pattern width [spraying 12 in (30.5 cm) from the surface]. Use a smaller spray fan for small surfaces and a larger spray fan for large surfaces.
  4. Follow the spray tip selection chart to identify the right tip for your job.
  5. Use chart on Application Guide to determine appropriate tip number.

Tip handles are color-coded by orifice (tip hole) size for easy identification on the job site.

How to Determine Spray Tip Size


The first digit is half of the fan width (#5 x 2 = 10 inch fan width).

The last two digits are the size of the tip opening in thousandths (15 = .015 inches).